Jot down notes easily

Write like you’re using a real pen and paper. Whink’s chic gel ink pen and smart eraser makes handwriting smooth and flawless.

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Capture ideas in one go

Type, record or sketch it. Whink allows you to add beautiful typewritten notes, photos, voice recordings, perfectly geometrical shapes and colorful drawings to your notes.

Markup documents neatly

Annotate documents without making messy palm marks. Highlight and encircle items, sign contracts, fill up forms with ease.

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Keep everything organized

Arrange and quickly find your notes. Sort your notes by sections, group PDF documents, lecture slides, meeting notebooks and more.

Multitask like a pro

Use two apps at the same time. Whink allows you to take notes on your iPad while reading a document, watching a video and more.

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Share notes quickly

View and markup PDF files in both your iPad and iPhone using the Open-In function. Share your notes and documents via Email or export them to other 3rd party apps.

Fall in love with Whink!

Join our ever growing community, and experience the power and simplicity of note taking on your iPhone or iPad.